Turnagain Armpit BBQ

The first meal the lovely Robin and I enjoyed on our recent visit to Alaska was at the memorably (and playfully) named Turnagain Armpit BBQ restaurant (it overlooks the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet, so the name is a double entendre of sorts).
Our hosts, George and Jeannie Baker, vouched for the fare here, so we weren't put off at all by the name (Robin is not usually anxious to eat at places with "armpit" in the name).
Not only were the ribs, chicken, pulled pork, beans, slaw, and sauce delicious, but they even serve sweet tea! The man who served us once lived not only in the Lower 48 but also in the south, so maybe that's why. 

The service could not have been more welcoming or more accommodating. I plan to return to the Armpit every chance I get. Learn more at http://turnagainarmpitbbq.com/

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