Worms Cathedral

Students of church history will remember the city of Worms as the site of the trial of Martin Luther before the Diet of Worms. The lovely Robin and I managed to find our way to this awe-inspiring structure in the High Romanesque style today, Sunday, Oct. 31.

It's four towers and two domes--and soot-blackened walls from a 17th century fire--dominate the old city of Worms.

We entered to the incredible sounds of the pipe organ and choir, practicing for a Sunday evening concert in front of the Baroque high altar by Balthasar Neumann:

The thirty voices filled the cavernous cathedral with music, all the way to the altar at the opposite end of the church:

Along the north aisle are hung five amazing Late Gothic sandstone reliefs from the demolished Gothic cloister, like this one of the resurrection:

The cathedral's exterior and grounds are likewise worth seeing, from an ancient staircase to a cross in the gardens:

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon--and especially on All Hallow's Eve, with tomorrow being All Saints Day!

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