Six Best Pix

I am no photographer, but every once in a while I stumble into a decent photo. On our recent trip in Germany and France, I took about 250 photos, all on my iPhone. Here are the six prettiest, in my opinion.

Of all the amazingly beautiful sights I saw during ten days in Europe, the most beautiful by far was my traveling companion, the lovely Robin. She never fails to amaze me. Here she is at Burg Eltz, which we visited on our second day in Germany.

This is a shot I took as we descending the "S" walk from the height opposite Heidelburg to the bridge spanning the Nekar River into the old city of Heidelberg.

The Holy Spirit Church in Heidelberg's old town.

Part of Heidelberg Castle, at dusk. Some of the lighting in this photo is artificial.

The marketplatz in Strasbourg, France.

A twisting staircase in the Sainte Marie Madeleine Church of St.-Marie-Aux-Mines, France. The only lighting was early evening light coming through the window.

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