Strasbourg, C'est Moi

The lovely Robin and I left our hotel in Mannheim just before noon, and headed south, crossing the Rhine into France a little before 2 this afternoon, I think. We got a bit turned around in Strasbourg, but after a few minutes of no street signs corresponding to our directions, stopped and checked a map at a bus stop. Turned out we were just a few blocks from our hotel.

Once we found our hotel, all the streets were one way the wrong way, so we drove around a while longer and eventually I waited at a taxi stand (don't tell, please) while Robin entered the Novotel hotel and got directions to the parking garage. Once more around the block, and we were here!

This hotel is not only being remodeled right now but is also swarming with applicants for the TV show "The X Factor." I took their photo from our sixth floor window:

Robin discouraged me from trying out. Which is OK. I probably would have made it through to the next round, which would have meant staying longer. Hmmmm...

We've been unpacking and catching up a little, now that we have Internet, to the sounds of someone playing a concertina outside. Very French. Here is the view of Strasbourg Centre from our hotel room:

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