Last Morning in France, Last Dinner in Deutschland

Awakened this morning by the sounds of construction in our Novotel Hotel in Strasbourg, the lovely Robin and I packed the car and walked back into Petite France for a little nourishment before driving the 2-3 hours to our Frankfurt airport hotel.

We found a table on the corner outside the Europa Cafe, where I had an expresso (hey, don't blame me, that's how they spell it here!) and tried my best to feel sophisticated and philosophical.

Didn't work.

But we enjoyed ourselves, did a lot of people watching, and then got on the road, making it to our Holiday Inn Express near the Frankfurt airport well before the dinner hour.

We checked in, check email, etc., and then crossed the street and strolled down a wooded lane for an exquisite (and affordable) dinner (I had strudel) at the Waldheim, which promises "German homecooking!"

I'll blog later about the meal itself, but it was really, really good, and a fitting finale to the day...and to our European culinary experiences.

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