Heidelberg Highlights

At midday Monday (Nov. 1), we made the short drive from Mannheim to Heidelberg, to meet friends Daniel and Damaris, whom we met at the Jesus Im Fokus conference. We met them at the busy Heidelberg train station, where I snapped this pic of parked bicycles outside the station:

Daniel and Damaris led us up the Philosopher's Way on the hillside opposite old Heidelberg...

...where we caught this view:

We crossed the footbridge to the old town (also visible in the photo above). Daniel said this bridge has been destroyed and rebuilt four times.

And into Heidelberg:

We passed the Church of the Holy Ghost, where Melanchthon once preached:

And rode a cable car up the hillside to Heidelberg Castle, parts of which are 600 years old:

At the castle was the largest wine barrel I've ever seen:

It's empty nowadays, though.

After the castle, we passed the oldest building in Heidelberg, Hotel Ritter:

Afterward, we walked what seemed like the whole length of the Paradeplatz, the pedestrian street of Heidelberg, punctuated by a sumptuous dinner at...

Words can't express how much we enjoyed Heidelberg, and especially the kindness and company of our hosts, Daniel and Damaris and two of their three children, Nele and Josiah.

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  1. Envy! How much I would have love to join y'all ;-)

  2. Frieder, nothing could have made the day better EXCEPT for the addition of you and Svenya to it! Thanks for your wonderful help and friendship.