Petite France

Once we settled into our Strasbourg hotel room, we headed out for a stroll around Petite France, the canal-ringed section at the center of Strasbourg.

After a few stops in chocolate shops, we arrived at Strasbourg Cathedral, a gigantic 750-year-old structure:

This church would certainly have dominated Strasbourg in the late-seventeenth and early-eighteenth century, when my Hochstetler ancestors lived in the area.

To Jakob Hochstetler and his family, however, this church probably didn't represent spirituality or beauty, but persecution and heartbreak, as they were oppressed and eventually driven out of the area because of their Anabaptist faith.

Still, it's an impressive and beautiful church, and one I will blog about in greater detail soon on the Desperate Pastor blog.

At dusk, then, we resumed our walk through Petite France, and decided to have dinner at a lovely little restaurant called Bistro Margot:

Though they had no English menus, we were able to make enough sense of things to order meals and desserts that fit the bill.

The food and the company were absolutely extraordinary:

A short stroll later, we returned to the discover that the X-Factor line was gone, and about a dozen or so contestants waited to audition in the hotel lobby and down a hallway. But Robin was again less than encouraging, even after I suggested I could sing one of our songs--"Wild Thing"--for my audition.

Ah well, it was a lovely day nonetheless.

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