Approaching the End of a Long Vacation

This is our last full day in Gatlinburg....this year. We walked the main drag of Gatlinburg, did some (MORE) souvenir shopping for the kids and grandkids, and ate dinner in town.

It's such a blessing to be married not only to a smokin' hot woman, but also to someone who's a joy to spend time with.

We've been away from home for almost three weeks--since May 11! Never done that before, I don't think. We've been to the southern hemisphere and back, seen Cusco and Machu Pichu, Saqsayhuaman and other Incan sites, crossed the Urubamba (which feeds the Amazon). We cleaned teeth and cut hair for hundreds of people. We have met and come to know so many beautiful people, new friends, many of whom live on an annual income of $800 or so a a society with no welfare or Medicare. We drank a lot of Coca tea and sweet tea. We ate alpaca. I ate--what was it?--Granadilla, that fruit with edible seeds that look like fish eggs.

We never got sick. Never got lost. Never got robbed or cheated. We gave away a little money, and tipped a LOT! I gave my first lesson and preached my first sermon to be translated into Spanish. We hiked to Grotto Falls with Aubrey, Kevin, and Rick. We enjoyed every moment. And are ALMOST ready to go back to work! :)

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