Arequipa (May 15, 2009)

Our Cobblestone team arrived safe and sound this morning! It was so great to see everyone! We joined them for lunch and then went together to the pueblo to orient everyone and get set up for our first clinic, tomorrow.

Afterward we all ate together at a chicken rotisserie place. Looks like Deanna was hiding behind Warren.

After that late dinner, I was so proud of Linda Lance who, though exhausted from a long day-and-a-half of travel, returned to Don and Christie's home with them to cut and highlight Giannina's hair. Giannina had been so looking forward to this, and Linda was so gracious in meeting her heart's desire!

I played a crucial role, too. I was in charge of dogsitting for Sheila, Don and Christie's boxer pup. It was a heavy responsibility, but I discharged it well. 

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