Gatlinburg and Grotto Falls

It is soooooo nice to be here in Gatlinburg with Aubrey, Kevin, and Rick! To be showered, teeth brushed, had good American (Starbucks) coffee....ahhhhh!

Out the door of our condo, we've met a little friend everyone but me calls "Ricky Raccoon." I don't understand. His name is Rocky. Why can't they see that?

After everyone showered and dressed, we headed into the Smoky Mountains National Park and drove the Roaring Fork Motor Trail to the trailhead for Grotto Falls, about a six-mile round-trip hike to the falls and back. I LOVE the Smokies. Even after the grandeur of Machu Pichu, there's still nothing like the beauty and tranquility of these woods. Things just feel right in the Smokies, for me. I feel more like myself when I'm there.

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