Arequipa (May 14, 2009)

Today we went to the market with Don and Christie, to buy shampoo and supplies for the clinics, as well as a pair of shoes for one of the sponsored children. Don snapped a picture of me next to a pig carcass (I'm on the right).

The people here win me over. Such sweet spirits. I love the custom of the children and women of greeting everyone with a welcome and a kiss when they arrive, and then usually "ciao!" and a kiss when they leave. And such beautiful faces, usually caramel complexions.

I deeply appreciate Don and Christie's ministry here. They work tirelessly, and their efforts are transformative in the lives of their people.

We ate with Don and Christie at Maya del Sol (I think) restaurant, in the courtyard under an umbrella while enjoying a trio of musicians, and a couple who performed traditional Peruvian dances. Lovely.

I also had the privilege this evening of accompanying Don and Gianni (pictured with his wife, Giannina, below) on visitation in the Villa del Triunfo.

The first home we visited was two block rooms with a small open passage between. When we arrived, the woman was cooking on an open fire. We sat out there while Don and Gianni talked with the man of the house. Then we walked around (it seemed) to the other side of the hill to the house where Juana (I think) lives with her two daughters, maybe six years old and eighteen months. It was a one-room, concrete floor, corrugated tin-roofed house, with one bed, one small table, one chair, and a two-burner camp stove.

Then we went back to the church and I talked briefly with Gianni while Don worked in his office. At 7:30 began the youth meeting, and three beautiful teens attended. Simultaneously, Robin went with Christie to the English class.

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