Arequipa (May 13, 2009)

It's been a great start to our visit. We took a four-hour tour yesterday of Arequipa, starting at the main plaza (above) of the city (which is called "The White City," as much of its buildings are constructed with sillar, a white volcanic stone. Three peaks, in fact, tower over the city: Chachani, Misti (pictured below), and Pichu Pichu.

Robin especially liked learning at one of our stops about the native weaving of alpaca and vicuna fibers.

They told us vicuna is the more elegant, and expensive product. And rarer. On the tour we also saw lots of churches and colonial buildings. And statues of generals. Beautiful scenery, often with squalor as a foreground.

In the evening we accompanied Don and Christie to a children's meeting in the Seventh of June pueblo, followed by worship in the Villa (below)...

and then Robin spoke to the women's group (and shared a suitcase filled with sewing supplies Cobblestone's Women's Connection had packed for them, which thrilled them to open and go through!), while I spoke to Don's discipleship class.

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