Arequipa (May 12, 2009)

We arrived in Arequipa this morning (Tuesday), just as the sun was peeking over the mountains surrounding the city. Don and Christie Latta arrived at the airport just as we arrived, and whisked us off in their Land Rover.

Don and Christie graciously allowed us to go to bed almost immediately on our arrival at their lovely home (pictured).

Then after refreshing showers and a meal, we headed to the Villa del Triunfo pueblo of Arequipa, where we so enjoyed watching as two sponsored children from the pueblo, Rueben and Natalia, opened gifts their Cobblestone sponsors sent down in our luggage!

Then we sat in the back row and watched as Christie and Giannina conducted a lively children's health and hygiene class. I participated in a game they played to review the lesson's information....but didn't win a single prize! And Robin helped by watching a little boy (below, sitting on his sister's lap); having happily been forewarned by Christie that the children don't wear diapers, Robin wisely let the little guy sit NEXT to her, not on her...which foresight was rewarded shortly thereafter!

One of the charming moments of this hour (which we soon learned would be repeated often) was the moment captured below, when Christie called on one of the children to pray. The little girl began to pray enthusiastically, phrase by phrase, with the rest of the children repeating her prayer just as enthusiastically, phrase by phrase, learning to pray together, by example and participation.

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