Wall Drug

Dja ever hear of Wall Drug? If so, it's probably because of the billboards and signs that dot the landscape for hundreds of miles throughout South Dakota and neighboring states--or some of the many signs visitors of Wall Drug have erected around the world announcing the number of miles to Wall Drug from various locations.
Well, I can say I've been there, and so can the lovely Robin. We visited last week on one of our many sojourns around the amazing Black Hills of South Dakota and beyond. It started as--get this--a small-town drug store in the city of Wall, South Dakota, bought by Ted Hustead in 1931. It has since become a tourist attraction consisting of a drug store, gift shop, restaurants, museum displays, and more, drawing two million annual visitors and raking in more than ten million dollars a year.
It is a joy to behold. The lovely Robin and I, in the company of our hosts, Randy and Kathy, had lunch there and, believe it or not, I had an actual five-cent cup of coffee. At that price, how could I pass it up? They also offer free coffee and a donut to honeymooners, veterans, priests, hunters, and truck drivers. 
I also had a ham-and-cheese sandwich and a chocolate shake, though the shake really was just soft serve ice cream, like a Wendy's Frosty. Still. It was good. 
Robin enjoyed her roast beef sandwich and mashed potatoes with just a, em, little gravy. 

What a fun and fascinating place, including displays of local and area history, and so much more. And a breathtaking array of western art--including paintings by N. C. Wyeth, the great illustrator and one of my favorites--is displayed throughout the place (though I honored their admonition not to photograph the paintings). It is located 60 miles east of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. 

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