Bear Country USA

Bear Country USA is a drive-through wildlife park in the Black Hills of South Dakota, near Rapid City.  The lovely Robin and I visited last week with a couple new and good friends--and loved it! We saw wolves, bears, elk, buffalo, and other wildlife on the three mile drive. One big black bear lumbered right in front of our car, probably just to let us know who was boss.  

The grounds also feature a "babyland," where young ocelots, beavers, porcupines, red foxes, coyotes, bears, bobcats, and more are cared for. We happened to be there when feeding time began, which was fascinating to watch. 
I loved watching the red foxes--three females--and otters, among others. I could have pulled up a chair and just watched and watched. But, you know, they had a gift shop and--well, I have a wife. And grandkids. So...

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