Chuckwagon Supper Show

On our recent sojourn in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the lovely Robin and I were blessed to join a group of friends for a visit to the Chuckwagon Supper Show near Rapid City.
We arrived a little early, but it was getting dark and cold and rainy so we ducked into a couple shops where tin plates and ropes were being made. Fascinating stuff. Then the dinner bell rang and we got in line for a chuckwagon dinner. It was probably not too different from a real chuckwagon dinner, too--nothing remarkable, but chicken, baked beans, a tater, and bread, with lemonade (my choice) to drink.
No time was wasted, as we were still talking and eating when the announcement came to instruct us what to do with our dishes, and soon after we had to redd up the table because the show was fixing to start. I wasn't thrilled about listening to a country music band, but these guys were excellent musicians and entertainers. They injected some silliness and in addition to medleys of country tunes, they presented an Elvis segment and--my favorite--a couple big band jazz numbers featuring a saxophone. It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The Chuckwagon Supper Show is located five miles south of Rapid City, South Dakota, on Highway 16 west.

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