The Alpine Inn

Among the many fine meals the lovely Robin and I enjoyed on our recent six-day sojourn in South Dakota (sufficient sibilants for you?) was a lunch with friends at the Alpine Inn in Hill City, South Dakota.
Once the Harney Peak Hotel, built by the Harney Peak Tin Mining, Milling, and Manufacturing Company for use by its mining executives, this was a favorite spot for Sunday diners and for mining, timbering, and railroad men active in the area. Though the mining company ceased operations in 1892, the hotel and dining room remained in operation until 1934. When Waldraut (Wally, pronounced "Volly") Matush came to Hill City in 1970, he acquired the Harney Peak Hotel in 1974. After housing a variety of businesses, it became the Alpine Inn in 1984.
When I saw spaetzle on the menu, I got excited--but it wasn't the noodle dish I remember from our visits to Germany, but a dumpling dish. So I passed, and ordered the Wild Green Splendor salad (above), grilled chicken breast, Gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries and pecans on a bed of--you guessed it--wild greens and served with a light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It was perfect. 
It was a satisfying meal in fine surroundings shared with great company.

The Alpine Inn is located on the corner of Elm & Main Street in Hill City, South Dakota. I recommend it.

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