Hole In the Wall Book Store

I could resist practically everything (except the five-cent cup of coffee) at the famous Wall Drugs in Wall, South Dakota. But I found it very hard to resist the Hole in the Wall Book Store contained therein (get it? Hole in the WALL? Oh, come on!).
From their Louis L'Amour offerings (though I own trade paperbacks of all his books) and the boxed set of four Zane Greys to The Life of jim Bridger, Tales of the Black Hills, and many other enticing volumes, I could have spent the day browsing the shelves. It isn't a large bookstore (what you see in the photo is almost the whole thing--or "hole thing," get it? Huh? Huh?), but I found it enthralling.

Maybe I'll go back sometime when it's just me. And I have actual money to spend.

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