A Leisurely Tennessee Evening

After another fine meal at the Westgate Resort's Smokehouse Grill, the lovely Robin and I took a quick drive into Pigeon Forge, where we stopped in at "Lid'l Dolly's" quilt and soft goods store (WHY the "D" in "Lid'l?" Why?).

It was a challenge to overcome my spelling standards, but I did it for the lovely Robin. She oohed and aahed at the many quilt patterns, children's clothes, parasols, etc., but we made it out without suffering a financial setback.

Then it was on to Gatlinburg, where we strolled along, enjoyed the shops, bought taffy, coffee, and Kilwin's ice cream cones (after Ben & Jerry's two nights ago). While eating our ice cream, my writer (and Facebook) friend Judy Gyde and her husband happened by, and we had a fun conversation.

So fun.

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