Bubba Gump's

This evening, the kids, grandkids, Ron, Mariruth, and the lovely Robin and I joined in one of our newer family traditions: dinner at Bubba Gump's in Gatlinburg.

It's an active and stimulating place to eat and celebrate together. And while the music made table conversation a little more difficult, I couldn't argue at all with the music selection: Stevie Ray, Chicago, the Doobies, etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed my shrimp-and-Veggie kabobs, and everyone seemed to enjoy theirs, too...but none more than Nina, who got the victory over a pot full of crab legs.

An interesting point in the evening was the rain which came through as we ate and, at one point, could be seen clearly coming down on one side of the restaurant while it was sunny and clear on the other side.

As usual, Bubba Gump's was a fun and satisfying part of our family vacation in what two-year-old Calleigh pronounces as "the Smokety Mountains."

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