Thing #58 I Like About Living Where I Do

[Part of a continuing series, which started here]

58. A walk in the neighborhood. Castle Hostetler is situated at the intersection of Gardner Road and a short street called Timbercreek. One of the things I love about living here is that, by crossing Gardner and heading straight down Timbercreek, I embark on a 2.4-mile loop around the neighborhood. Whether I'm jogging, taking Calleigh in her stroller, or walking Ender, or enjoying a nice walk with my bride, it's always pleasant (in nicer weather than we're having now), and at my pace can be walked in about forty minutes or jogged in about thirty (that's why I call what I do "jogging" and not "running;" "running" implies speed). Along the loop are friendly neighbors, attractive yards (all better cared-for than mine), and only a couple dogs that would like to rip my beefy form to shreds...and very little traffic, since the majority of the route ends in cul-de-sacs (which is French, I think, for "keep turning left").

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