Thing #61 I Like About Living Where I Do

61. The Mariemont Theater. Located in the picturesque village of Mariemont, a suburb of Cincinnati, the Mariemont Theater is a throwback to an earlier time...AND a progressive, artsy-type venue for films that can be seen at no other theater in the area (except for the Esquire, which is owned by the same folks).

It's a bit of a drive for us, but it's often worth it to see movies that will never come to our local Hamilton or Oxford theaters. I think it was here the lovely Robin and I saw the memorable Memento. It was also the site of an event I never thought would happen: a film adaptation of a Shakespeare play that I walked out of (it was the dreadful Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet, in which the emotions of the title character--and most others--nearly ran the gamut from A to B).

So, while not every movie they feature is necessarily to my liking, I LOVE that a theater like the Mariemont is in the area. Anytime I see a preview or read a review of a movie that is unlikely to run on one of the eight screens in Hamilton (or, for that matter, dozens of others in West Chester, Springdale, and so on), I check the Mariemont. Not only do I love this theater for their often offbeat fare, but for the ice cream parlor nearby. And its village setting. And the unlikelihood they'll ever feature a Justin Bieber movie.

(The top and bottom photos above were shamelessly borrowed from the wonderful 365 Things to Do In Cincinnati blog, which I highly recommend to all my readers...both of you)

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