Thing #57 I Like About Living Where I Do

57. Seasons. Seems like everyone around here is sick of winter. Ready for it to be over. Even the hardiest souls (you know who you are, John).

But me, not so much. Oh, I'll be glad with a capital "G" when Spring arrives...but that's exactly the point.

One of the things I LOVE about living where I do is the changing seasons. I LOVE how the cold and ice and snow of Winter makes the heart (and body, soul, head, sinuses, and throat) long for Spring. The depths of Winter make Spring even sweeter when it comes. And likewise with Summer and Fall. By the time each one rolls around, the change of the seasons is a cycle that never gets old.

I suppose I'd like the year-round temperate zone of Sacramento, say, or the sun and surf of southern California. But I suspect I'd tire of it. I really like chopping wood and building a fire in the winter cold, and smelling the first wafting of grass cuttings in the Spring, and walking barefoot in the grass in the Summer, and inhaling the crisp autumn air and watching the leaves turn in the Fall.

It's a spiritual experience for me, it really is. And one of the things I like about living where I do.

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