Petra (Sela)

We arrived at Petra late this morning, and began our walk together into this marvelous place SE of the Dead Sea.

On the approach, our guide Samer pointed out the highest point of Sela, Mount Hor, where Aaron the brother of Moses died and was buried. We read Numbers 33:38-39. Mount Hor can be seen in the distance in the photo above.

As we started down into Petra, our guide said there are more than 400 carvings in the soft sandstone formations of this incredible place. This was one of the first:

Two of our group rode through the siq (crevasse) in a rented buggy, but the rest of us went on foot...down, down, down.

One of the carvings was a large camel caravan and drover, which was unintentionally marred before anyone knew it was there, while excavators cleared a drift of sand to expose the water channel behind it.

After many twists and turns, we finally reached the spot where the sunlit facade of the famous "Treasury" could be seen.

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