Petra (Sela), Part Two

Even after all the fascinating carvings on the 45-minute descent, there's still no describing the impact of seeing the "Treasury" for the first time!

Not a treasury, but an elaborate mausoleum (which could also describe the whole place), it continues to yield new discoveries (six years ago, tombs six meters beneath the facade were discovered).

It also provides a picturesque spot for a camel ride....which the lively Robin laughed and screamed through).

Limited by time, we couldn't take in the full extent of the site, such as the high place and the "monastery." This Roman-style amphitheater was as far as we got before beginning the long journey back.

The hour-long climb back through the siq was taxing, but we all made it in one piece. We boarded the bus and stopped for a light lunch just up the road at the Petra Magic Restaurant in Wadi Musa.

On the return trip through Edom and Moab, we read Proverbs 22:28 as we noted again the boundary stones along the way which Samer had pointed out to us this morning.

We also read Psalm 60, a psalm of David referring to Edom and Moab on the occasion of David and Joab's victories over Edom.

We returned to the Regency Plaza just before 7 pm...tired as can be, but grateful for a memorable day!

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