Leigh's Favorite Books, Sunnyvale CA

Have I ever mentioned that I love locally owned bookstores? I think I have; most recently here, here, and here. My son and daughter-in-law know that, of course, so last week they (and my grandkids Mia and Miles, above) delighted me by taking me to Leigh's Favorite Books in Sunnyvale, California.
What a great bookstore in a quaint shopping district. Leigh's is home to more than forty thousand titles, as well as a large selection of cards and gift items. They also buy books for store credit that can be used towards any purchase. It is well organized, and capably staffed. There was something there for everyone in the family, and we had a great time.
Plus, any store with a classic Royal typewriter on display is more than fine by me.
It was a feast for the mind and eye, too (though the shelves above look like they are in darkness, it's just the exposure I had to use--with my son's help--in order to include the pretty setting at the rear exit). 

Leigh's Favorite Books is located at 121 S. Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale, California.

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