Bookasaurus Bookstore, Sunnyvale CA

I posted yesterday in this space about my visit earlier this week with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids (that's them above) to Leigh's Favorite Books in Sunnyvale, California (here). What I didn't mention in that post is that right next door (in fact, we visited it first) is the Bookasaurus Bookstore, which is the separate-entrance-but-otherwise-connected children's section of Leigh's.
I'm not only a lover of books in general but also of children's books in particular, so I had to check it out. We were greeted immediately and helped attentively by the chatty store clerk, and had a great time. We all browsed the displays and I bought the lovely Robin a porcupine puppet (for her work as a play therapist--she doesn't let me play with her toys). Bookasaurus isn't large (you can see almost all of it in the photo above), but it has a diverse selection. 

Bookasaurus is located at 125 S. Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale, California. You can't miss it; it's right next door to Leigh's Favorite Books. 

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