Treaty Line Pioneer Village

What a treat the lovely Robin and I (and most of the rest of our family) enjoyed yesterday as we attended the wedding of Keturah Hughes to Ryan Thornton at Treaty Line Pioneer Village in Quakertown, Indiana.

It is named for the Treaty of Greenville, which in 1795 attempted to establish a boundary between Native American lands north and west of the line and settler lands east and south of the line. The line runs north and south through this area.

Many of the buildings in this assemblage of historic structures were rescued from destruction by Keturah's great-grandfather just before the creation of nearby Brookville Lake. Others were transported there piece by piece and reconstructed on the site.

The village is still in use today for family reunions, weddings, and other gatherings.

The whole thing is delightful and impressive, and includes an amazingly outfitted and preserved general store.

There is also a museum on the grounds, with even more historical artifacts, but we weren't able to gain entrance to that building. Still, the occasion couldn't have been more beautiful and the discovery of Treaty Line Pioneer Village couldn't have been more delightful.

More information about the village can be found here.

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