Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The lovely Robin and I accompanied our kids Kevin and Aubrey and grandkids Miles, Mia, Calleigh, and Ryder today to the Cincinnati Zoo, the second oldest zoo in the U.S. (it opened in 1875, fourteen months after the Philadelphia Zoo). 
In addition to the animal exhibits and habitats, it also features beautiful botanical displays throughout the grounds. 
We had a wonderful time with the grandkids. Mia (who broke her arm yesterday, received a splint and wrap this morning after an x-ray in the emergency room, and let none of it slow her down or dampen her spirits) and Calleigh took turns posing like statues (above) after a late lunch in one of the zoo's picnic groves. 
Miles (above) absorbed everything, exulting especially in the reptile house and the bug exhibits. He posed happily for a photo with a new friend, the ginormous tarantula spider over his left shoulder. 
We did so much, including the cougar show, where we met "Joseph" and "Tecumseh" (named for the Nez Perce and Shawnee leaders, respectively); the bird show, which we joined in progress; and the giant tortoise display (above), where we got to pet the monstrous creature above. 
One of the last sights we stopped for was the giraffes, which enchanted us all, even at the end of a long day. 

It was a great time, a joy to share with our grandkids (two of whom--Miles and Mia--will leave in eight days for their new home in California), and though the zoo was certainly packed, the crowds were manageable and the lines (except for the line to ride the train) not too bad. I'm so glad we could do it together. 

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