Worship, Family, Friends at Camp Swoneky

The lovely Robin and I worshipped this morning with old and good friends at The Salvation Army's Camp Swoneky.

A perfect day, weather-wise and worship-wise, in Chamberlain Hall (a site which holds many fond memories for us), under the leadership of divisional leaders Majors Hugh and Kathy Steele (whom we knew when they weren't nearly so impressive).

The divisional band sounded excellent (as usual, I'm sure; we just don't often get to hear it). We tried to focus on their stylings, but also spent some time nudging each other and whispering the names of old friends--or their children--we recognized as they played.

Lt. Col. Mark Tillsley gave a fine message drawn from Luke 5:1-11. Robin and I both scribbled furiously in our iPads, anxious to note as much of it as possible.

After church we were so graciously hosted by the Steeles and Tillsleys for lunch. Alas, however, even though we got to see and talk briefly with many, as we headed off, we lamented that there were still so many we missed talking to.

Still, it was (as always) wonderful worship and fine fellowship.

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