Shakespeare in the Vineyard

After dinner tonight, the lovely Robin and I headed out with my brother Don and his wife Arvilla for Vinoklet Winery on Colerain Avenue in Hamilton County, just a few miles south of home.

Vinoklet is a picturesque vineyard, winery, and restaurant. Located on thirty acres of rolling hills and ponds, it is the only working winery with a vineyard in Hamilton County.

We headed through the arbor of vines to the outdoor amphitheater, flanked by vineyards.

The vines are bearing grapes, and the amphitheater was all set up for the main event of the evening: a Cincinnati Shakespeare Company performance of The Tempest.

The cast of six young performers did a marvelous job, each actor playing multiple roles and keeping the crowd engaged throughout. Though the setting sun was strong for most of the first act, forcing us to shield our eyes, the evening was thoroughly comfortable and enjoyable.

The Tempest is one of two "Shakespeare in the Park" offerings that continue through mid-September (the other is Macbeth). I hope to make Macbeth in Eden Park in two weeks.

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  1. We enjoy. Shakespeare in the Park at different locations here in Montreal every summer.