Family Fun Day

Here's something I've never done before.

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative's annual Family Fun Day was today. So I arranged to take two of my four grandkids, Miles and Mia (the other two weren't available, more's the pity).

They had a fun slide in the shape of a fire truck.

They had fun games to play, and prizes to win.

We won sunglasses, a trophy, a shark on a stick, lollipops, Skittles, handcuffs, a gooey stretchy thing, and more.

We cooled off in the spray tent.

We petted little goats and turtles and bunnies and chickens and horses in the petting farm.

We got our hair painted. Well, Miles and Mia did. I couldn't decide on colors, so they kicked me out of line.

And we met Mr. Lightbulb, whose secret identity had been divulged to me. But I kept the secret. So far.

We spent just under three hours there, and had a great time. And the best part of it was, it was all free (because we're coop members). But free is right in my price range.

So thank you, Butler Rural Electric! And thanks, Aaron and Nina for letting us go.

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