The Streets of Jerusalem

After four trips to Israel, the city of Jerusalem remains a highlight for me, every time I go. I love the streets of the Old City, in particular, and just can't seem to get enough of the life that flows along the streets of Jerusalem.

Above is a street in the Armenian Quarter, running along the walls of the massive monastery that occupies much of this portion of the Old City.

The anachronistically named Ecce Homo arch (above) and, below, in the lower level under the Ecce Homo Convent, the Lithostrotos, a Jerusalem street from the time of Emperor Hadrian.

(Below) The street we took after entering through Herod's Gate (I think) one morning (that's my friend Julie "Shades" Sellers there in the foreground).

(Next two photos) Two side street views taken as we walked through the Old City one morning. And, yes, the second image was taken in the morning.

(Below) Entrance to the Old City through the Lion's Gate:

And, below, one of the oldest street surfaces in the city, the Cardo, or "main street" of Jerusalem in Roman times. Jesus and his disciples certainly walked on these stones.

(Below) Another ancient street. This would have been in the Upper City of Jerusalem in Jesus' time. It runs right by Caiaphas's house and would have been the route Jesus took with his disciples from the Upper Room to the Mount of Olives the night of his arrest...AND the route he traveled upon his arrest, to the house of Caiaphas.

And, finally, the charming scene below, of children playing jump rope in the Jewish Quarter of the Old CIty.

Though there are many other photos I could have included from earlier trips (Butcher's Street, for example, which is a sight not to be missed!), I chose to use only photos from our 2010 trip. I hope these will suffice to give a taste of the charm and vibrancy that is Jerusalem.

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