Here We Are, There We Are

From time to time, someone complains that my photos of my travels with the lovely Robin seldom seem to feature the two of us standing in front of the sight. This is because we already have pictures of us; it's pictures of the sights we don't have. But, to satisfy the demands of our fans (both of them), here we are inside the Dominus Flevit ("The Lord wept") Church on the Mount of Olives:

And there we are by the Mediterranean Sea (those are seashells from the seashore in my hands):

And here we are outside the Church of the Anunciation in Nazareth (I was just getting ready to say, "Hey, chica, let's ditch these losers and have us some fun!"):

And there we are in our Pyramids Park Hotel in Cairo:

And here we are with others in our Egypt group in a nice outdoor restaurant:

And there we are riding a camel at the pyramids (we learned that Robin can scream AND smile for the camera and wave, all at the same time):

And here we are in the Egyptian version of WalMart:

And there we are at the Tomb of Hatshepsut, the female Pharoah:

And here we are at Karnak Temple:

There are, of course, several lessons to be learned:
1) The lovely Robin travels much better than me
2) I really like the cute little fatigue cap she wore
3) The lovely Robin is very kind to stay with a decrepit old man like me (but then, we already knew that, didn't we, class?).

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