A Grave Tale

One of our stops on our recent trip to Israel was just outside the Zion Gate of Jerusalem's Old City. It's a cemetery. A Christian cemetery:

If you were to visit a Jewish cemetery, you would see small stones on the graves and headstones. These are placed there by visitors to the site. It's a way of saying, "someone was here, someone remembers" (the custom may stem from the fact that when a person is buried in this area, the closest family members carry the stone lid to the grave and place it on top--a la pallbearers, you might say. But other mourners, even if they were not one of those chosen to bear the stone cover, can participate in that act by placing another, smaller, stone on top).

But in this Christian cemetery, of course, that Jewish custom is not present....except in one place:

It's the grave of Oskar Schindler, of Schindler's List fame.

It was moving to see the many stones of remembrance that visitors--presumably Jews, perhaps even some descended from the lives that Schindler saved--placed on the grave. So, after a short devotional, we prayed for our spiritual cousins, the Jews, and left stones of our own at the site:

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