Have a Seat

We do a lot of walking on our pilgrimages to Israel (and, this year also Jordan and Egypt), but we do sit from time to time. Here's proof. The photo below are my friends Willa and Carol in the lobby of the Olive Tree Hotel in Jerusalem (that Carol, such a servant!):

And here is most of the group (and our guide, Nader) in the amphitheater at Caesarea:

And my friend Julie Sellers, doing her best to "sit in the gate" (where the elders of the town would have sat in judgment) in the Solomonic gates of Megiddo:

We all, like good sailors, sat in the boat on the Sea of Galilee, but Chris claimed the best seat, right in the prow:

One of my most memorable moments was on the Mount of Beatitudes, where we were given permission to read the Beatitudes in a shaded grove with natural rocks for seats. This is my friend Surendra during the reading from Matthew 5.

And the last two seats are the same seat. In Chorazin, excavated not long ago, there was found the only known excavated "seat of Moses," an important part of synagogue furnishings, which Jesus referred to in Matthew 23:2. Here it is:

And here's my friend Chris sitting in Moses' seat, looking very wise and thoughtful:

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