Silver Ladle, Cincinnati OH

I had the joy and honor yesterday of taking my daughter to lunch in downtown Cincinnati, since she works downtown and I was there for ICRS at the Duke Energy Convention Center. She chose the spot: Silver Ladle, a "fast casual restaurant specializing in homemade soups, chilis, gourmet sandwiches, and salads" (or so says their website, after I corrected the spelling and capitalization).

We ordered within seconds of entering the restaurant and had no trouble (at 12:30 pm) finding a table. I ordered and enjoyed the "Silver Ladle salad" (seemed appropriate) and a cup of Loaded Potato soup. Good. Simple. Straightforward. And I found a quarter in the drain tray of the soda fountain dispenser. All I do is win.

Silver Ladle is located in the downtown Cincinnati central business district, on Sixth Street between Main and Walnut.

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  1. "WINNING!" -- Charlie Sheen (definitely not the Reds)