Oxford Great Strides Walk

What a great day we had last month (May 7) at the Oxford, Ohio, Great Strides walk to benefit cystic fibrosis research!
It was a beautiful day, weather-wise, and a beeeaaauutiful day, people-wise.
All the work of our family and the planning committee and others paid off wonderfully!
Once again, our efforts were buoyed by the music of the Worley Boys (above)!

So many people contributed their efforts. We can't possibly thank them enough.

Even "Swoop," the Miami U mascot, showed up, swooped, and made it a great day. And, most importantly, the combined efforts of participants raised $31,000 that day, $11,000 more than the goal! And in case you're heartbroken that you missed it, you can go here to support our efforts!

(photos courtesy of Megan Sackenheim)

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