Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, San Jose, CA

The lovely Robin and I had the joy of taking our two oldest grandkids, Miles and Mia, to the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo yesterday, on Mimi's twenty-ninth birthday. It wasn't her birthday party, but it was a gift nonetheless. 
Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is a sixteen-acre zoo and amusement park in San Jose, California, which originally opened in 1961. Though small it is nonetheless well-run and well-staffed. The staff, in fact, were unfailingly cheerful and helpful.
We had a blast. The kids enjoyed the rides and the zoo about equally, I think. Mimi and I enjoyed watching them enjoy it all.
One of our first stops was the barn, where we petted a cow and a horse, and Miles exulted at the live corn snake we saw. The snake didn't seem to reciprocate his enthusiasm, though. Rude.
The giant anteater, which we watched at his apparent lunchtime, was fascinating for all of us. He (or she) even showed off a little for us. I think we bonded.
The kids loved the expansive playground. After fifteen or twenty minutes there in the ninety-degree heat, though, they needed a break, so we took in the puppet play (below) of Jack and the Beanstalk. That's the star, Jack, with Milky White, the cow that gets sold off early in the show. She had some good mooooves, though.

The roller coaster was no "California Screaming'," which Miles and Mia rode last April at Disneyland, but they loved it nonetheless. They rode it four times.
They spent some time excavating a dinosaur. I thought they should have been paid something for their efforts, but I could find no one to agree with me.
The Frog Hopper ride was one of the last they rode. While the rides were all most appropriate for younger kids than Miles and Mia, they had fun anyway. They're such good kids and though Mia's feet started to hurt by the end of the day (the park closed at 5), they enjoyed it all, and so did we.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is located at 1300 Senter Road in San Jose, California.

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