ICRS, Cincinnati, OH

I've been enjoying a whirlwind week of books and more at the annual International Christian Retail Show at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati this week.
Not as large or as celebrity-studded as past shows I've attended, it has still been a lot of fun...and not just for me.
It has been quite a ride already. I rode a chariot with Ben Hur (he's the guy on the left, above).
And I've connected with many friends I see only once or twice a year, such as award-winning novelist, Cynthia Ruchti (above),
Author/Diva Michelle Medlock Adams (who needs three names to contain all her awesomeness),
Author/blogger/conference director Edie Melson (who wedged her way into an interview ahead of ME, while I sat outside and waited and waited),
Author/blogger/speaker/sweetie Michelle Cox,
Distant cousin Eli "Small" Hochstetler (and owner/proprietor of the amazing Gospel Bookstore in Berlin, Ohio),
Actor/author/comedian/romance cover model Torry Martin, who tried to convince onlookers that he didn't enjoy my kiss,
Author/comedian/TV star/short person Rhonda Rhea (and her daughter Kaley, who I like much better), and more!

It has been a productive week for me, even though I wasn't provided a "handler" like Michelle Medlock Adams and Rhonda Medlock Rhea and others. I just don't rate that highly. Or pay that well. Maybe some day. The fun continues today. As soon as I get off this computer thingy.

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