The Yellow Vase, Rolling Hills, CA

On our last day in southern California with Nina, Aaron, Mia, and Miles, the lovely Robin and I enjoyed a unique lunch with them all at the Yellow Vase Cafe on Silver Spur Road in Rolling Hills Estates. 
What a unique place. While the young woman who took our order apparently was not having a good day, everything else about the experience was delightful. The Yellow Vase is beautifully and thematically decorated. 
Our meals were delicious and of course the company could not have been better. While we ate at several good cafes (among them the tiny Happy Diner in San Pedro, which we enjoyed) during our southern California sojourn, the Yellow Vase was the most stimulating. 
Not everyone was happy the whole time, however. Judging from the picture above, Nina had a bad attitude as we waited to order our food. 

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