Disneyland 2016, Day Three

Our third day of adventure and joy at "The Happiest Place on Earth" with Aaron, Nina, Miles, and Mia was a mostly overcast and partly drizzly day, but though we got a little cold and wet, we still had a great time. We took the submarine ride together (above), and the best part for me and the lovely Robin was watching our wide-eyed grandkids enjoy every bit of it. 
Of course, we had to take one more ride on Hyperspace Mountain, and as can be seen in the photo above, we had varying reactions. 
We stood in line for an unnecessarily long (it seemed to us) wait to meet Tinkerbell, but this time even Miles agreed to meet her and get his photo taken with her. She must have been the real Tinkerbell, because even Nina said, "She was little!" 
We happened upon Alice and the Mad Hatter in an out-of-the-way part of the park, and not only did Mia and the lovely Robin get to meet them, but when they learned that Mia is a princess, they bowed to her, explaining, "We bow to royalty!" Princess Mia was thrilled. 
We finally made it to Toon Town (think that's what it's called), and Mia posed for yet another photo. If she doesn't go into modeling, the world will surely grieve. 
Miles met a stormtrooper just his size in one of the gift shops. And (below) he tried on a pirate hat that utterly transformed him into Jack Sparrow. Happily, he put it back on the shelf before we lost him to a life of piracy on the high seas.
It was hard to say goodbye to Disneyland; before leaving the area, we shopped a bit at Downtown Disney next door to the parks. But we have no doubt that we will be back someday. 

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  1. Awesome post! Thrilled for you and your family.