Disneyland 2016, Day Two

Our second day at Disneyland with the California branch of our family was spent exploring "California Adventure." Everyone and his brother told us to go to the Cars ride first and get a fast pass, which we did...but we also got right in line after grabbing our fast pass and boy, were we glad we did.
Radiator Springs is an amazing replica of the town from the movie, Cars. We could have spent the whole day there.
Aaron was kind enough to share a tractor ride with me (above). I'm glad the lovely Robin snapped this photo when she did, because once the ride started it was impossible to get a good photo.
California Adventure includes Paradise Pier, an old-fashioned but up-to-date carnival area. Miles and Mia (and Aaron and I) loved the California Screamin' roller coaster, as well as the rest: Midway Mania, Golden Zephyr, Orange Stinger, and more. 
Mia got to meet Princess Sophia while Aaron, Nina, and Miles rode the Tower of Terror. Nina said, "Never again." 
As sunset approached we made our way back to Cars Land to wait for the lights to be turned on. While waiting, we watched a dance party, hosted by DJ (the blue car) and some of the ladies from Flo's Cafe.
I think Aaron was more excited than anyone when the lights started to flicker on, in the same order (he said, excitedly) as in the movie. The attention to detail and creativity in Radiator Springs was just astounding. 
And the way they recreated the scenery of that movie was breathtaking. Our only regret was that we didn't know Luigi's was a ride until we were getting ready to leave Radiator Springs. Oh, the humanity! 

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