Zinck's Carriage House, Berlin, OH

On our latest--and very brief--visit to Holmes County, Ohio, the lovely Robin and I stayed in a room at Zinck's Carriage House (one of Zinck's Family of Inns, as it turns out) in Berlin.
It was one of the last available rooms in town (probably because everyone heard I was gonna be signing books on Saturday), so I felt lucky to grab Room #9 of 10 in the carriage house, down a quiet street just a short walk from downtown Berlin.
It was a comfortable room, below ground level. Though the family in the lodgings above us must've had a toddler set to "constant run and jump," it was an otherwise quiet and cozy place to spend the night, with a fake fireplace, complimentary robes (what, we weren't supposed to take them when we checked out?), and a two-person Jacuzzi. The breakfast, though nothing special and offered only in the dining area at Zinck's Inn, .4 miles away, was included.

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