The Art of the Brick

With our two oldest grandkids visiting from California, the lovely Robin and I took on the challenge of taking them and their two oldest cousins (one-year-old Avery stayed home with her Daddy) to "The Art of the Brick" display at Cincinnati Museum Center. We didn't tell them where we were going, so when we pulled into the museum center drive, they all recognized the spot and cheered! So fun.
The Art of the Brick is a unique art display made up entirely of LEGO® pieces and the artist Nathan Sawaya's imagination. It features over 100 works of art and millions of LEGO bricks.
The Art of the Brick is the first major museum exhibition to use LEGO bricks as the sole art medium. Numerous classic works such as the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, The Scream, and American Gothic are reproduced in LEGOs, along with a massive Easter Island head, life-size human figures, and a twenty-foot-long T-Rex skeleton.

I love the photo above because it not only gave the kids a chance to enter into a piece of art but it also captures their personalities pretty well.
The display route empties into an activity room, where the kids played with LEGO pieces and made their own works of art--and action. Though it wasn't cheap, even with our family museum membership discount, it was a joy to do with the grandkids.

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