Liberty Center

What a joy it has been for the last week to have all our children and grandchildren together again! We took advantage of having Miles and Mia for a double sleepover last weekend and made our first visit to Liberty Center, the new shopping and residential complex north of Cincinnati.
Many stores and businesses are already open and the place was busy on a Sunday afternoon. We watched a small model train display, visited a creche scene, and mostly just enjoyed being together.
 There is a play area in the main mall, so of course we spent a good deal of time there. The grandkids didn't seem overly impressed by the "flying pigs" theme, but I thought it was a nice touch.

We had a great time and will surely return often. My only disappointment was that the interfaith chapel was not open. I could've used some prayer after a costly visit with the lovely Robin to Chico's clothing store.

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