Ohio's Longest Covered Bridge

On our way home from a visit to Holmes County, Ohio, last weekend, the lovely Robin and I passed signs pointing to "Ohio's Longest Covered Bridge" just off US 62 near Brinkhaven, Ohio. So we stopped for a short visit, though the setting sun made a photo from our end difficult. And I didn't take the time to cross the Mohican River to get a shot from the other end. Sue me. 
According to my measurements, the Bridge of Dreams (according to the sign over the entrance) is 370 feet long. Okay, I didn't measure it, that's what my research tells me. It was built atop an old railroad bridge and is reputed to be the longest covered bridge in Ohio (as the signs say) and the second longest in the nation. It is on the 4-5 mile long Mohican Valley Trail between the Kokosing Gap and the Holmes County Trail in Knox County.

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