Rick, Glenn, the lovely Robin and I headed out from our hotel this evening with no particular plans or inclinations for dinner.

We decided to give Pigalle's on 8th Ave. a try. Boy, am I glad we did.

One of the City's "Culinary Tour de France," Pigalle's menu made it hard to decide. EVERYTHING was so tempting.

However, we managed to order: Robin and Rick had the stew (below), Glenn the mushroom ravioli, and I had pumpkin ravioli (second photo below).

Great googly moogly, it was ALL so delicious! Including the creme caramel we shared for dessert (which was perfect).

Everything got to us in timely fashion, and we finished in plenty of time to get to our show.

Only on the way out did I see the Puch on display near the entrance, which the maƮtre de explained to me is a popular, once-defunct and now back-in-production mode of transportation in France. But then, you probably knew that.

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