It's the Little Things

It is a pleasure when traveling to enjoy an airline's, restaurant's, or hotel's attention to the little things. Especially when you're away from home, little things can make a big difference.

So I must confess to some appreciation for the Marriott Courtyard Central Park, where the lovely Robin and I are staying this weekend. Though our room is all the way up on the 31st floor (Residence Inn suites begin on the 36th floor), the bank of four elevators all seem to be running on our side of the hotel, which means we never have to wait long.

The shower is one of the best I've ever enjoyed in a hotel (and yes, I do bathe from time to time, even when I'm traveling). Good pressure, flow, and even a temperature control on the handle (see above).

Also, the bedside clock radio provides a port for playing and charging an iPhone, which is always handy.

There are a few other little touches but those should suffice to make the point. Thank you, Marriott Courtyard Central Park.

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