Boone's Rock

One of the sights the lovely Robin and I were guided to on our visit in Fulton, Missouri, last weekend (and I'm glad we were) was "Boone's Rock," on the grounds of the Calloway County Courthouse.

The historical marker above reads, in part: Originally located on a bluff on Stinson Creek in northwest Fulton, about 300 yards north of the Boone's Lick Trail, this rock bears the name D. Boone with the date 1801 and an arrow pointing due west.

The photo above captures the carving , easily read by the naked eye despite obvious weathering over the years. While I'm sure experts differ as to whether this was actually carved by Daniel Boone (who, though his wife was from this county, is not conclusively shown by historical records ever to have visited the area), it is still an intriguing possibility.

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